Sunday, October 11, 2020

Schools Reopening, at Last!

School officially "opened" on August 18, online only.  This coming week, CUSD will complete the phased reopening of classrooms across the district, welcoming students on campus.  I could not be more thankful for the support of parents, teachers, and district staff who planned and supported the unprecedented effort to return to campus.

Obviously, this return is unlike any previous experience.  Students are separated into cohorts, masks are worn, social distancing is the rule, and costly hygiene measures and are in place. It won't look or feel at all normal, but it is much more like school compared to the alternative.  Of course, some students and staff will continue online by choice, and our plan supports them as well.

Back in May, I led our school board in creating district priorities for dealing with the Pandemic.  Our first obligation is to community safety.  Then we made reopening elementary schools on a 5-day schedule our top objective to support families.  Finally, we recognized that our high school Juniors and Seniors needed special attention to ensure that their post-high school plans can be realized.  This week, with the re-opening of the high schools, we will realize these objectives.

Any plan as complex as ours can be improved.  In fact, adjustments are being made every day.  If you have an idea or see a situation you believe can be addressed, I urge you to bring the matter to your school Principal, or to me directly.  I also appreciate hearing of your experiences with our schools.

Finally, there is an election nearing.  Official ballots are now arriving by mail.  I ask for your vote to re-elect me to your school board.


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