Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rumors of School Closure Quashed

Over the past two weeks, a teacher's union orchestrated campaign has fanned fear throughout CUSD concerning the possibility of a high school closure. This rumor is utterly false.  A letter from our school Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Farley, makes it clear that these rumors have no foundation.
Letter from Dr. Farley to Jim Reardon
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Since Trustees Alpay, Pritchard and Hatton have enjoyed the support of Children First (an alter-ego of our teacher's union), it is logical that they would use such rumors in an effort to direct attention from the serious underlying problems at CUSD, including larger class size, cutting three weeks off the school year, and elimination of Art and other enrichment programs.

Don't be fooled by such cynical tricks.  These rumors have nothing to do with charter schools and everything to do with the election.

We still await a response from my opponent McCormick, regarding her participation in this crude deception.



  1. So why is your running mate Steve Lang running ads in the San Clemente Times saying that he opposes existing efforts to close San Clemente High School? What does he know that he has not yet shared with you?

  2. Steve Lang's ad contains identical language regarding SCHS to that of John Alpay and Carol McCormick and Gary Pritchard. Alpay's ad is in the same edition of SC Times. I think you can infer that Lang does not support the closure of SCHS.

    The question voters should be asking is, why is this being discussed at all? My belief is that closure is a diversionary tactic, invented by the Children First group to support Alpay, Pritchard, Hanachek and McCormick. Their aim is to divert voters from the actual abysmal records of Alpay and Pritchard.

    As members of the school board, Alpay and Pritchard know full-well that closure of a school has NEVER been discussed. They also know that a proposal to close a school would take many months, if not years, of public discussion. No such discussion has occurred.

    The Children First cabal, including my opponent, have floated this idea of school closure to draw voters away from their "all-cuts" record of class size increases, a shortened school year, and massive debt.

    Steve Lang doesn't share his advertising plan with me. But he faces the same problem as I do, which is to deal with the lies coming from Children First in support of their union controlled candidates. San Clemente residents should beware.